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   Welcome to Sideline Motorcycles. November 15th, 2010 marked the 5th anniversary of the shops location on Highway 3. Tim Maas started Sideline in 1988 and quickly became the go to guy for serious riders. His shop can handle any type of bike repairs, and the store has everything you need from apparel and helmets to engines and frames. Tim is offering some special deals on tires right now. Buy 1 and get 20% off, buy two and receive 25% off of the MSRP! Got an itch for a custom bike? Tim has always done project bikes, the latest one is the "$3 Whore". Pictures of it are on the "Project Bike" page. And contact Tim if you are interested in a one off custom.


   Tim wants you to read the "Preventative Maintenance" and pay heed to the pictures and his advice to stay on top of something very important. A lot of the repairs done in the shop are a direct result of maintenance woes. It's your ride and quite possibly your life that you are protecting. Give Tim a call and make an appointment to get your bike looked at. Let Southern Alberta's best bike shop help you protect your investment and your safety on the road.


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